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I would like to start off with a thank you to everyone for the patience we had this past weekend.
I know our launch started off rocky with quite a bit of lag and downtime due to DDOS attacks. But by today everything has been stable.
We got the servers moved to a new hosting facility that will help protect us from those kinds of attacks.

Secondly I would like to thank all of the GM's and HGM's from other servers that took time to come to abomination and run events.

The winners were:
For the Portal race on Saturday
1st - Rane
2nd - Crocodile Dundee
3rd - Swinky
And the Scavenger hunt on Sunday
1st - Lag
2nd - Warren Anigan
3rd - Aarkomarko

I know they enjoyed the interaction with the Abomination players.
I hope everyone enjoyed the events. .

Now to what people really want to know about.
Originally I was going to change this on Monday but because of all the downtime and lag issues I left the sales on till today.
XP Orbs
Here is what were doing with the xp orbs.
The weekend special on xp orbs has been removed.
The prices and quantity have changed. As what was on shop was for the launch weekend only.
xp orbs will be capped at level 125.
We will be creating an npc that will allow you to trade xp orbs between players.
This npc is not complete yet but should be in the next few days.

Last Modified: 02 October 2013 06:35
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