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We welcome you to the grand opening of Abomination!

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Hail All!

Greetings and salutations to all the residents of Althea! With the announcement of the official opening of Abomination, scheduled for 1PM EST today, the T4C team has planned several events and rewards throughout the opening weekend!

Not only have we scheduled great events, but also every player who joins us this weekend on Abomination will receive a FREE gift pack consisting of:

x5 Double XP Orbs
x5 Potions of Defense 
and a mystery item!

In addition the the gift pack, events and rewards, we are also going to be discounting credit cost up to 30%! In addition to the credit sale, we've got a great selection of premium items to get you started in your journey into Althea! Make sure to check out the webshop to check out all the great consumables available!

The following is a schedule of events for the weekend:

Saturday marks the first event, a death race slated for 6PM EST. Contestants will fight full PVP to make it through a course for the ultimate starter prize of five hundred thousand gold and their level gear. There will be three winners in total, the rewards are listed below:
1st place: 500k Gold + Gear at level/class
2nd place: 250k Gold
3rd place: 100k Gold

Sunday marks the second event, a full PVP scavenger hunt. Contestants will be given a list of items to obtain, and the top three fastest will be rewarded for their adept knowledge of the realm of Althea
1st place: 200k Gold + Weapon at level/class
2nd place: 100k Gold
3rd place: 50k Gold

In addition to the scheduled events, trivia will also take place throughout the weekend with random rewards.

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