The 4th Coming

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The Death Pit

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Hail Realmud,


Realmud would like to welcome you all to a PvP event hosted on Saturday 5th October at 6pm Eastern with a view to running this fortnightly. There will be carnage, there will be mayhem, who will emerge the victor?


The Death Pit is a PvP event which sees players enter a battle arena together and fight to the death! All participants will get a silver prize key for being part of the fight, the last person standing will win 5 silver keys. There will be rounds for each of the level ranges below.









There are 3 rules:


1. GM decision is final

2. There are no restrictions on what you can bring into the arena, however you will all be dispelled as you enter.

3. Have FUN!


Hosted by Chacal and Virtus

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