The 4th Coming


The Curtains open and the Abyss rises

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Salutations Realmud!!!

Many things have come to light and we here at Realmud are hard at work to bring to you new Content, Items, Spells, quests and so much more.

To start - February 16th to 18th.
Julia is on beggers corner in lighthaven seeking a brave adventurer to help her with her woes.  She will be waiting for you, Friday February the 16th.  Hopefully you can help her before she has to depart this realm on the 18th.  Following Julia a Cherub will be visiting this realm and has much for you to do.

You can also grab a Cherub for your very own on web shop available for a limited time so please make sure to check the shop!

To help us with all this content we would like to welcome Abyss gm as he steps out of the void and into his new role as ABYSS DGM, moving forward with our content and working to what matters most, all the players of realmud. And in is wake he will bring to you even more with him as he works in the shadows.

DOUBLE XP WEEKEND from February 17th to 18th.  Make sure to stock up on your orbs and join the party as we will be waiting for you.
Last Modified: 15 February 2018 14:35
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