The 4th Coming


Small Update Coming July the 8th

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You Spoke...

                           And We will keep Listening!

4th Isle Monsters experience is being increased all across the board! 

4th isle monster experience is still not quite up to par and is being increased so you can get your hunt and leveling where you are supposed to.

Some 4th Isle Monsters are getting an elemental weakness addition 

As some of the monsters are much tougher then they were before, Elemental weaknesses that match the monster type are being added to allow for better kill rate and xp gain depending on the elemental power you choose, mages get your spells, Warriors get your elemental sabers and Archers bring the heat, Because we want to see you making the best builds you can and taking these guys down.

A new spell to protect yourself, against the hordes that have come. and an addition to cure poison

A higher level dispel is now available to learn, to dispel those nasty little effects from Ancient land monsters, Making it easier to survive. Cure poison now heals yourself against 4th isle poisons.

Please continue to give us feedback! More changes are coming and much more that everyone is waiting for.

There is many quest, Items, spells and content coming. The DEV team is hard at work for you. Please be patient and keep helping us help you by giving us feedback. There will be a poll coming out soon as well as we need your help with a sensitiove matter concerning 4th isle town. Please wait and watch for it.

Last Modified: 26 June 2019 13:02
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