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Server maintenance/Downtime

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Location: LAX01 - Los Angeles, CA, USA Date: 2/1/2017 - 2/2/2017 Start Time: 10:00pm PST (1:00am EST) End Time: 8:00am PST (11:00am EST) Customer Notification Method: E-Mail Anticipated Impact: Several hours of hard down time while your server is physically relocated. Summary: With your Intreppid server(s) being transferred to Total Server Solutions, a physical relocation of your hardware is required. During this maintenance window, Total Server Solutions personnel as well as staff from Intreppid/Stackpath will be working to perform the following tasks: Gracefully & safely shut down and power off your server(s) Remove your server(s) from their current cabinets Safely & securely move your server(s) from the Irvine datacenter to the Total Server Solutions facility in downtown Los Angeles Reinstall your equipment into pre-staged, fully wired cabinets at the Total Server Solutions datacenter Power up your server(s) and monitor to ensure your equipment is back online and functioning properly The Total Server Solutions staff is well versed in relocating servers & equipment between datacenter facilities. This entire operation is carefully scripted from beginning to end. In preparation for this relocation, TSS staff have already preconfigured the new cabinets, installed networking equipment, and tested full connectivity to ensure that when your equipment is plugged in and restarted everything will work perfectly.
Last Modified: 01 February 2017 20:22
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