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On August 30th 2013 at 8am EST We will be bringing servers down for maintenance.  This will include all t4c servers including

At this time we will be moving all servers to a new network. This will once again change the iplist.txt file and reset macro's. I have updated the webpatch today so that you will do a small patch today.
This will allow for you to connect to Neerya tomorrow and patch to updated IP address. I will also be creating an installer once again for the IP list just in cause someone does not log in today and patch.
I will post this tomorrow once I know all IP address's of the servers. At that time I will also be updateing the installer so it has correct file upon install.
I expect the servers to be down no less then 2 hours. I will post more information tomorrow once we know more of an exact time frame to be finished. IF is still down, I will post on other wise all information will be passed here.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding
Once we have the network up once again, we will run a big test on abomination and we will see how that goes. If it goes well I will set a date for launch.

*edit 815 am 8/30/2013
We are behind schedule this morning as we are waiting on Marc to deal with contractors and get himself available for this. Please stay tuned.

*edit 10:21 am, 8/30/2013
 Do to things out of our control, we are pushing this back to 130 pm est with at least a 2 hour downtime.

*edit 1:56 pm
I just talked with Marc and due to other issues still we are pushing this back till 3pm EST. Please bear with us as we have to get this done today.
Thanks for your patience and understanding thru out all of this.

Last Modified: 30 August 2013 13:57
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