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Server Maintenance / Client upgrade

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ON 1 /22 /2019 We will be bringing down the t4c servers in order to perform general Server Maintenance and Will be upgrading  t4c's Client/server version to 1.74.

  • Updates changes in the 1.74 client release.

  • Issues with anti plug system Fixed.

  • Windowed mode works once again on windows 10!!.

  • Alt + Enter will now switch between full screen and windowed mode.

  • Tab key will now select next available monster. If you click tab it will cycle thru all monsters within range.

  • With the change made to the Tab key, You will need to use CTRL Tab in order to view your Tab Map.

  • Plus other modifications to help increase performance of the client.

If you have any issues with the update please fill out a support ticket and we will work with you in order to try and resolve those issues.

Last Modified: 18 January 2019 12:49
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