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Good evening everyone, I know I am not giving much warning. But here we go.
Around 9am est on 8-11-13 All Dialsoft servers will be brought offline. Including
At this time we will be transitioning the servers to the new networks. When they come up, all Dialsoft websites and Game Servers will be transferred over to
At this point you will have to do the following in order to player the 4th coming.
1. Either have or create an account on
2. There will be a tool available at this time to migrate your characters from the existing account to the new account system. I will be making a tutorial on this as soon as I can.
Once these 2 steps are completed you will be able to log into the game servers at this time.
You will be able to use your account username IE "mouse" in my case to log into each of the Dialsoft servers.
The account migration tool will allow you to authenticate against the previous system and associate your characters to the new account name. IF you do not do this you will log in with no characters on your account.
You can do this for each server up to the server limit on the number of chars per account.
Characters do not all have to come from the same account. This will be your 1 free character transfer. So choose wisely what toons you want on each account.

Expected down time should last around 3 hours. If more time is needed I will make sure to post this as soon as I'm made aware of the downtime.

Abomination will not come up with the other servers. I will be brining it up later in the process. I will post more information about this as that time comes.
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