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Saga Patch Update

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In Progress

Several things have been going on in the background

Several map on going map issues are being addressed with smoothing issues but we think we have a idea on how to fix them.

The final chapter of the 4x quest for the 4thisland is being written to be started in the npc form.

Morden Cainen’s hold final phase of testing

Kalaabar’s lair is in the final testing phase.

Morden Cainin’s hold is a sea port built by the Dwarven stronghold.  The island is a strong island not for the faint of heart. Lots of new adventures and possibly some others….. Can’t spoil the secret. The new areas are very hard and some great new monsters.

There may also be a new boss in the making…. He’s a madman and he’s not to be trifled with.

Rumor has it there is also a NEW BOSS coming for an old map. A man with nothing to lose. Details on this other to come in the future. Check back for more info.

2 new one handed saga weapons are in test phase


The dark class mages spells have been repaired and balanced out to where top spells become useful. The spells that have been worked on are Drain Essence, Devour Life and Vampiric Siphon. Devour Life has been altered to be a PvM spell. These repairs will make available the Cursed Armor of the Night and the Hat of the Necromancer.

Blocking in the CTF has been addressed along with the blocking issues in the forest of no return.

Blocking in the Northern portion of Desolate plains has been fixed by the river.

Pirate island complex was finished and is open to players.

Quest Father Jelly Fingers is finished and in the pirate complex.

Pirate warrior testing grounds is finished located on eastern side of pirate island in a sand dune…

Adjusted XP Rate for the following areas:

  • Swamp Casters
  • Inferno Slimes
  • Mud Slimes
  • Hydro Slimes
  • Hellspawns
  • Pirate Island Monsters

Adjusted the timer on all 4th isle timed chests.

Zelda has been moved to inside the cave where the quest monsters are located.

Gloom staff has been fixed.

Arioch quest is finished (released)

I want to give Pumpkin head a special thanks for writing the story line and a lot of work that was spent on the Arioch quest

Silver knights armor is released

Lushwood dungeon has been released

Last Modified: 15 October 2016 00:55
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