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Realmud Summer Screenshot Contest 2014

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It's that time again, Realmudders!
Grab those cameras!
Realmud Staff is proud to present the 2014 Summer Screenshot Contest!

We want you to send in your favorite screenshots for a chance to win great prizes!

Screenshots will be reviewed by Realmud Staff, and we will be voting on our favorite based on the following criteria:

1. Originality (Get that think-box going!)
2. Artistic Creativity (Be creative!)
3. Visual Appeal (No one likes a messy picture)
4. Clarity of Subject/Theme (It helps to know what we're looking at!)

We will also be giving Honorable Mentions (and maybe a little something to take home) to screenshots in the following categories:

1. Epic Moment! (For those "Woah!" moments)
2. Most Humorous (Go ahead... make us laugh)
3. Destruction at it's finest! (Blow it up! The bigger, the better!)
4. This is my crew! (Show us your guild doing guild stuff!)

And now, the rules...

1. All submissions must be in by Saturday July 5, 2014 - Late submissions will not be considered.
2. All screenshots must be emailed to as an attachment and must include your Character and Account name.
3. There should be no offensive language of any kind in overheads or elsewhere in the screenshot. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, racist, sexual, or otherwise discriminatory or vulgar language, bashing of players or staff, etc...
4. One entry per player. Multiple entries will not be considered for the grand prize, but feel free to send in additional screenshots for the Honorable Mention categories above.
5. Screenshots must be recent (from client version 1.72... we can tell the difference. No tricks!)
6. Prizes will be awarded to the character visible on the status bar in the screenshot (i.e. the character that took the screenshot). We will not hold prizes or place them on other characters, even if they are on the same account as the winning character.

Our Winner will receive one million gold pieces and their choice of any one of the major prizes listed below, as well as a title that will show up in the player listing!

Also, the winner's screenshot will be posted on T4C.COM, giving that player bragging rights for months to come!

Remember!* You can press CTRL+H in game to take a screenshot that will be automatically saved to Documents > Dialsoft > T4CDEV > ScreenShot

Have fun, and get those cameras clicking!
~Shinigami GM and all of your Realmud Staff

2014 Summer Screenshot Contest Prize Box
One Million Gold Pieces, plus your choice of ONE of the following...

Cloak of the Midnight Mists, Mantle of Infinite Blessings, Cloak of the Ages, Wizard's Bane, Soul of Flare, All With Honor Shield, Dragon Tear (comes with Stardust), The extremely coveted Freyia Blessing (plus 1 power gem).

Honorable Mentions Prize Box
850,000 Gold Pieces, plus your choice of ONE of the following...

Skaven Club, Quickstrike, Tempest, Cloak of Damnation, Iceblade, Tidal Blade, Crimson Bastard Sword, Windslash, Frost Wakizashi, Monks White Sash, Skeleton Helm, Skeleton Shield, Athena Necklace, Hero's Amulet, a single piece of Titanium, Dragon Plate, Divine, or Fallen Elven armor, a single piece of deftness, or a Mystery Prize!

Players who choose the mystery prize will be given 3 Mysterious Chest Keys and can claim their prizes by opening the Mysterious Chest in Lighthaven.
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