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Realmud PVP Tournament!

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When will it happen?!?
  • »This Month: Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 2:00pm Server Time (Eastern)

This will be a 1 versus 1 Tournament!
  • »To participate in the event, you must apply during the week before the event takes place. To make registrations with Chacal GM, please fill out the registration form below.
  • »Registration will end at 1:00pm on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Prizes included are listed as follows:
  • »Every player who participates will receive a 100% XP Orb

Each bracket will have key prizes.
  • »The winner of brackets 01-100 will be awarded with 2 Gold prize keys.
  • »The winner of brackets 101-200 will be awarded with a Platinum prize key.
  • »The winner of brackets 201-230 will be awarded with a Diamond prize key.
  • »The winner of brackets 231-260 will be awarded with a Diamond prize key.

01-100 | 101-120 | 201-230 | 231-260
  • »We will accept Only one player per category/account. (if you have two players in the same category, one will be eliminated in case of confrontation). If your category does not have enough players, you can join the next category if you have range. 

Authorized Items: 
  • »Greater Healing potion
  • »Critical Healing Potions
  • »Healing Potion
  • »Light Healing Potion
  • »Mana Elixir
  • »Manastone
  • »Potion of Mana
  • »Serious Healing Potion
  • »Torch

Prohibited items: 

  • »Greater Potions of Resistance
  • »Partial Potions of Resistance
  • »Lesser Potions of Resistance
  • »Deific Healing Potions
  • »Mana Prisms
  • »Potions of Regeneration
  • »Fury, and Fortitude
  • »Gems of the Sun, Moon (Moons if used, will have no effect), and Stars
  • »Raindrops.
  • »Also, potions and scrolls of tranquility, clear thought, earthen strength or any other ''spell'' that is not cast from your own spellbook 

Adverts: Deaths during the PvP event will be announced by system messaging. 

There will be alternating events between 1v1 and groups ( 2v2, 3x3 or 8x8).
  • »When you are in a group, one of each category.
  • »Pure "Light Mages" will not be allowed in 1v1 as they are considered to be "support" characters.
  • »Light Mages can fight with earth gear, using heal as hit heal such as a Paladin. However, if you elect to stay in light gear, you will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • »You will be welcome to make suggestions to improve the event. All suggestions will be reviewed and discussed and may be applied at the next event.
Good luck! And we'll see you at the Tournament!
~Chacal GM "Lord of War"
Realmud PVP Manager

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