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Realmud PVP Event July 26 2014

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Starting Saturday July 26 2014 at 6PM EST

Greetings guys, I'm proud to announce that I'll be running a 2v2 PVP event on the above Saturday, it will begin at 6pm server time (EST).

You'll supply your own potions through the help of an NPC at the fighter's arena and there will be no illegal items as per usual.

The level brackets are:

Bracket 1 = 10-25
Bracket 2 = 26-50
Bracket 3 = 51-100
Bracket 4 = 101-150
Bracket 5 = 151-184
Bracket 6 = 185-200
Bracket 7 = 201+

The winning team of each bracket will receive the reward, which is a PVP Honor Token (and a title) that you may collect and exchange for various prizes.

There will be a 'last man standing free for all' at the end of the event for the highest three brackets... it would be in their best interest to stick around for a chance to win an additional prize.

Either reply to this post or contact me in-game containing your names and bracket number.

You can sign-up until ten minutes prior to the event. I hope to have a good turnout, thanks and good luck!

1. You may register one character per account per level bracket.
2. Only 1 healer may register per team.

Spoiler: The following week (Saturday August 2) I'll be running a human only PVP event for levels 10-25, but more on that upon the end of this event! So get building new humans to win amazing prizes!
Last Modified: 23 July 2014 20:24
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