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Realmud Human Decimation! August 02 2014

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Starting Saturday August 2 at 6PM EST

Greetings Realmers. I'll be hosting a human only PVP event on the above date, for levels 10-25. So get building new characters for a chance to win amazing rewards!

You'll supply your own potions through the help of an NPC at the fighter's arena and there will be no illegal items as per usual.

Either reply to this post or contact me in-game.

You can sign-up until ten minutes prior to the event. I hope to have a good turnout, thanks and good luck!

Let the human decimation begin!

As for the rewards, the winner of the PVP event will win:



I was asked to update with the rules and such so here they are: the regular PVP event, "Illegal" items are Deific healing potions, critical healing potions, potions of regeneration, mana prisms, all 15 resist type potions, spell scrolls, spell orbs, forest of no return gems.

As far as equipped items, due to concerns about this, they will be Arakas only items! (And no seraph-zone items or GM). So new players or players without higher levels to hunt items can be on same grounds as long-time players holding various items. Reminder: Arakas only items, spells, jewelry, etc. Also, as stated above, the NPC will supply ALL potions.

One character entry PER PERSON for this one, if you're caught using 2 accounts/characters you will be disqualified.

On the matter of spells, all spells will be dispelled when entering the event.
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