The 4th Coming

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In 1999, Vircom changed the world of MMORPGs by releasing The 4th Coming to the masses...


Realmud Ancient Land (Wrath of the Necromancer Update)
Release Version 1.74 R.101r
Shinigami HGM (Server Administrator)
Orion HGM (Head Game Master / Developer)
Psyche DGM (Senior Developer / Game Master)
Szeth DGM (Developer / Game Master)
Lucifer (Developer)
Chacal GM (Game Master)
Virtus GM (Game Master)


In 2006, Dialsoft acquired full rights of The 4th Coming, and continued to change the world of Althea...

In 2019, Realmud will change the way that you see The 4th Coming forever...

Wait, what's going on?!?

On Saturday,May 4th 2019, Realmud will be releasing Phase 2 of our massive update! 

What's changing?

Well, I'm glad you asked! Here's what we have in store...


Brand new, beautiful maps have been created to make the Ancient Land of the Elements more immersive. 

With the coming of the Necromancer, the Ancient Land of the Elements has been changed from the landscape that we all once knew and morphed into something new... something almost sinister... with new dangers lurking around every corner of the newly terraformed land. 


• Some of the monsters that you have come to know and love have been modified to make them more challenging and interesting to fight... don't worry, you will be rewarded for your efforts...

• Several new monsters have been created and spread about the new 4th Island to kill... I mean... entertain you... *grin*

• Die, you eight-legged freaks! That's right, spiders of all shapes and sizes have scurried their way onto the Ancient Land... hope you're not arachnophobic...

• You will notice that many monsters will now have new abilities that will drastically change your tactics to fighting them, be on your guard!

Here's a full list of the monsters you can expect to see on the new 4th Island... some of them you will recognize; others.... well...

•Barghest •Black Horseman •Blood Seeker •Dark Skraug Hunter •Dark Skraug Warrior
•Dark Skraug Mage •Cerberus •Death Fever •Dire Wolf •Dragger
•Dread Wolf •Drone •Earth Wraith Necromancer •Earth Wraith Shaman •Frozen Crawler
•Ghost •Giant Scorpion •Gnome Necromancer •Guardian •Hell Hound
•Hellfire Centaur •Ice Flyer •Infected Devourer •Ivory Rust •Jötunn
•Kenku •Lava Pool •Minolord •Fire Elemental •Oni
•Orthrus •Pestilence Priest •Blasphemy •Scourge •Tide
•Inferno •Howler •Sands •Zerk •Gust
•Blaze •Crusher •Blitz •Avo •Dragon Soul
•Frozen Soul •Sand Dweller •Sea Serpent •Sickness Venom •Snow Orc
•Snow Walker •Spiteful Orbweaver •Stone Golem •Terra Matter •Tree Bat
•Water Monitor •Weeper •Worg Wraith •Worker •Ancient Spectral Sand Warrior
•Ancient Sand Warrior •Ancient Fallen Warrior •Ancient Fallen Commander •Womper •Platinum Dragon


• Novert, the demon that has been terrorizing Althea for years has seems to have went missing, Never fear a new challenge arrises... test your luck and skill against the Cerberous Brothers. But be warned, this is no normal boss fight... be sure to bring your lockpicks. ;)


• One of the things that we have tried to do away with on the new Ancient Land is the old "kick in the door" and "see monster, smash" mentality... there will be more times now where you will have to think your way through a challenge rather than simply sticking your sword into the problem.


• "*hic.*.. Well hey there! They call me Oakland the Drunk... Come on by and talk to me when ya get a chance... I always hear what's goin' on 'round here... wait, who are you? What the hell are you lookin at?!? *hic* Don't be a stranger!"

Quests for Brother Gorebas - Learn about the place of fallen warriors and demigods...

Quests for Grannus - Find out what happened to the 4th isle.

The Necromancer Quest(s) - You were warned... the dead will walk again...

And many more to come... ;)


Okay, so we were tired of books and dusts being the only drops on the 4th Island, and we were sure you are too... so we made a few changes...
Many items have been added as drops that were once only available in certain chests or through specific quests. We won't share the exact details on where you can find these items, but they are now available as drops somewhere on the new 4th Island...

•Hero's Amulet •Wolf Tooth •Ninjato +1 •Ninjato Dual +1 •Collector's Book
•Golden Morningstar •Flask of Goblin Blood •Bloodstone Ring •Essence of Bloodlust •Glowing Orb
•Jade Ring of Sorcery •Azure Plate Helm •Azure Plate Protector •Azure Plate Boots •Azure Plate Gauntlets
•Azure Plate Leggings •Azure Plate Armor •Spectral Helm •Spider Venom •Potion of Lesser Fire Resistance
•Potion of Lesser Earth Resistance •Potion of Lesser Water Resistance •Potion of Lesser Air Resistance •Potion of Lesser Protection from Evil •Potion of Partial Fire Resistance
•Potion of Partial Water Resistance •Potion of Partial Earth Resistance •Potion of Partial Air Resistance •Potion of Partial Protection from Evil •Potion of Greater Fire Resistance
•Potion of Greater Earth Resistance •Potion of Greater Water Resistance •Potion of Greater Air Resistance •Potion of Greater Protection from Evil •Willowisp Ring
•Wasp Wax •Fire Elemental Dust •Water Elemental Dust •Earth Elemental Dust •Air Elemental Dust
•Light Elemental Dust •Dark Elemental Dust •Ivory Dust •Diamond Power Focus •Ruby Power Focus
•Emerald Power Focus •Sapphire Power Focus •Control of the Elements •Ancient History Book •One Mage's Moments of Madness
•P'Tangh's Spellbook •Red Spellbook •Ethereal Amulet •Prismatic Armband •Scroll of Enchantment
•Forging Stone •Skeleton Bone •Battle Cloak •Potion of Heroism •Twisted Dagger
•Knife of Power •Morfetus •Xiphos +1 •Xiphos Dual +1 •Candle of Eternity
•Flask of Bluish Liquid •Mantle of Indestructible Rocks •Bracers of the Barbarian •Ipe Wood •Gloom Staff
•Flask of Crystal Water •Staff of Hope •Spectral Blade of the Ancients •Bone of the Ancients •Ancients' Buckler
•Ancients' Standard •High Metal Bastard Sword +3 •Demon Tree Leaf •Demon Tree Wood

Platinum Dragon

Platinum Dragon has been busy doing what Dragons do..... Collecting items.....
Here is a list of some of the new items he has collected

•Forged Dragonplate Armor •Forged Dragonplate Helmet •Forged Dragonplate Gloves •Forged Dragonplate Belt •Forged Dragonplate Leggings
•Forged Dragonplate Boots •Platinum Fang •Tears of the Dragon

Did he just say Dragons?

It seems that The Necromacer has a liking of Dragon's.... Watch where you step.....


Colored armors are now available!!! Azure, Divine and Platinum there is 6 armor colors to quest for. Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Green and Gold. These are made through a crafting system, these recipies can be Learned from the Aspects of the Elements on fourth Island.

Tell me More! What happens next!

This is Part 2 in our series of releases that make up the major update we're bringing to Realmud!

In the coming months, we will be releasing Part 3 which will include new spells, new armors, new weapons, more new quests, new potions, and more adventure.

Stay tuned! 

~The Realmud Development Team

May the 4th be with you!

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