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Greetings Realmud!

For the very first time in our server's history, today we hosted a Raffle Event live on Twitch!

The event began with a beautiful act of community when a players name was accidentally omitted from the list of qualifying players. Not only did the present T4C players insist that I postpone the drawing while I took the time to review logs to confirm that the player had indeed completed the event, but some began to even offer a share of their own prizes in case I didn't find the relevant logs. This was a fantastic and touching example of the T4C Community that has drawn many players, including myself, back to this game and has kept us around for many many years. Thank you so much, Realmud, for that reminder of what kind of community we really are.

The rules of the raffle were simple:

1. The Raffle Drawing was only made possible by Realmud, as a collaborative effort, completing the preset goals of monster kills and character completions at 100%

2. In order to qualify for the drawing, a player must have completed the Harvest Event quest on at least one character.

3. Only one entry per character, per account, per unique IP address was allowed.

4. Entrants' names were placed on one digital wheel, and the possible prizes were placed on another digital wheel.

5. Each entrant could win only one time, and the prize wheel was spun to determine the prize given to the entrant upon being selected by the first wheel.

The following is the list of the players (identified by character name) who were entered into the drawing:

Allustriel God of All Bomb
Apostle Goldorak
Biryu Ho
Borval KeyStone
Carol Peletier HL Love HCL
Cpt Bowman Lych HL
Death God Malestrum
Delaphina NorthGateSnow
Demonic Waffle HL Plinkin
Dio Seeth
Drowzy Telgar
Elleshin Yang
EricWalker Yashira
Evil Betty Maskin


The following is the list of our Raffle Drawing winners!

Allustriel Giveaway Character 6
Apostle Giveaway Character 3
Demonic Waffle HL Giveaway Character 1
Dio Giveaway Character 4
Drowzy Giveaway Character 10
Elleshin New 4x Seraph in chambers
Evil Betty Giveaway Character 5
Goldorak Giveaway Character 2
KeyStone Giveaway Character 8
Love HCL Custom weapon with rare skin
Lych HL Custom weapon with rare skin
Malestrum New 4x Seraph in Chambers
Plinkin Giveaway Character 9
Yang New 4x Seraph in chambers
Yashira Giveaway character 7


And even though they didn't win the Raffle Drawing, I would like to give a very big THANK YOU to these players for making Realmud a great place to play this old game that we all love. For participating, I will be awarding the following players with a small handful of Glowing Diamond Keys.

Carol Peletier HL
Cpt Bowman
Death God
God of All Bomb

We would also like to take a moment and recognize the player who contributed the most to the event's collaborative completion. With an amazing 8 character completions by himself, here's a special shout-out to Demonic Waffle HL! In recognition of such a significant single-handed contribution, Waffles will have a new HGM item named for him complete with a new never-released skin, and he will receive the very first one. Along with this, he will receive the title "The Harvester" on whichever one of his participating characters he chooses.  

I ask that you please be patient as I distribute the prizes to the winners. Prizes will be placed on the ACCOUNT ASSOCIATED WITH THE CHARACTER NAME THAT WON THE DRAWING. If you would like the prize moved to another account that has YOUR information on it, please submit a support ticket at AFTER you have received your prize. 

Once again... thank you Realmud, for making this an excellent experience! We hope that you enjoyed the event, we hope you enjoyed the live-streamed raffle, and we hope you enjoy the brand new content coming your way!

Do you feel worthy, punk?
Shinigami HGM
Head Game Master
Senior Content Developer
Realmud Server Administrator

Last Modified: 02 February 2019 17:37
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