The 4th Coming

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April 1st we will be conducting a PVP Event.

Start time will be 5:30 Eastern Standard Time.

Rules are as follows:

All Entries are to be human - So plan out your builds
Max Level is level 26.

Players will be checked:
NO GM Items will be allowed during this event
NO Potions (No Potions means that you will enter into the event with only equipment), Hyper Potions or ability augmenting items will not be allowed.
Ability augmenting items as an example would be potions of fury, potions of agility, this is augmenting items.

***Potions that you are allowed to use will be available for purchase during event***

Any regular items that can be obtained in game that can be equipped on a player that are not GM Items are aloud.
Any regular items available in game via VIP, or +3 weapons are allowed.

If there is any questions about what items are allowed or not allowed contact a GM/RMG in game to check what items are allowed.

PVP Event will be changed up from regular events, This event will be a round robin setup and you will be able to test your build against all players fighting in the event.  So no first turn kicks from event via losses, disconnects, Setting the wrong Macro.

So get started and make your plans everyone will be waiting to see what you built.

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