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Merry Christmas from Realmud 2014

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Christmas magic has been usurped by a dark force, stealing its energy and using it for the darkest of deeds. Christmas magic is precious and can only be used once a year; it’s the very fabric that enriches hearts and souls for the entire year. It is needed to keep harmony within Althea. If this most precious magic is used for evil tasks then the world could turn dark... forever.  The priests of Noel are the keepers of the core, the mystical centre of Christmas magic; it is from this core where Christmas magic is sent into the world. An ancient pine tree is the access point of the core and it is from this where the invention of the Christmas tree originated. The dark force has managed to cause a rift within the tree, sending its energy to create powerful golems of snow and ice… dark snowmen.

There will be a priest from the Noel order at your sanctuary waiting to inform you of the troubles happening with Christmas magic. He will ask to enlist your help and then send you off to his homeland, which at the moment is a frozen wasteland. Your only chance to survive in such a harsh environment is to acquire the coveted crest of ice; it’s a shield of tremendous magical defences and you will need to obtain an enchanted weapon; one so powerful it will destroy the dark snowmen… permanently. You are tasked to help the order of Noel retrieve the stolen magical energy, they will instruct you on forging an orb of Christmas magic – that has the ability to absorb magical energy from slain dark snowmen.

Once you have collected enough energy from slain dark snowmen, you must track down the dark force that is the root of all these problems. The priests are now able to sense a location that was previously cloaked to them, they will guide you there where you must destroy this unknown enemy and in doing so you will save us all. You will be rewarded greatly should you succeed. Should you fail… then we are doomed!

We wish you luck for the event and we hope you have an amazing Christmas!

Note 1: The event will launch Monday evening.
Note 2: The NPCs will announce how many dark snowmen you need to kill as you progress.
Note 3: You can double-click the orb of Christmas magic to view your counter.
Note 4: This event can be performed only once per character.
Note 5: The store exclusives will be enabled and disabled with the event.
Last Modified: 17 December 2014 20:06
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