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Just a reminder about ddos attacks

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Dialsoft would like to remind everyone that a DDOS attack is not quite the same thing as a hack, and that no user information was compromised:

"These attacks are just flooding our internet tubes: no actual account information, payment information, is at risk. Given some of the realm stability issues caused by the service interruptions there may be some issues with spells logging issues or just lag.

DDOS attacks are among the most common kind of cyber crime, but they’re more akin to vandalism than anything else. They’re easy to do and difficult to defend against: basically they work by sending huge amounts of dummy traffic to a given server, overwhelming it and shutting it down. Video game companies are routine and popular targets, most notably in a series of large attacks against Blizzard and EA earlier this year. Let’s not forget Sony and others in previous years.  They’re not the biggest thing in the world, but they are terribly annoying, and can cause a real headache for those tasked with defending against them.

Last Modified: 07 November 2016 07:10
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