The 4th Coming

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Item Hunt Mini Event

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Item hunt mini event for all players held on Arakas! Sunday 29th September 6pm Eastern.


Hello Realmers, It would appear that the goblins and other wild creatures have been in to Virtus's coffers again and have made off with his much needed resources! We would like to enlist you to help him restock on a few items, in exchange you will be paid in prize keys!! All you will have to do is find all the items that Virtus will specify in game. Unfortunately you will also have to find Virtus to give him the required items as he has gone to hunt down the troublesome wildlife somewhere on Arakas!


The event will last around 1 hour commencing at 6pm eastern on 29th September. The first person to bring the items Virtus specifies will win 5 Silver prize keys, the second will win 3, after that you can only win 1 key for the required items!


Rules, PvP not allowed during this event.

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