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Hello everyone,

I know a lot of you have been asking about the future of havoc. This is why I have spent so much time looking into the status of the server and trying to figure out the best course of action for this server. I have had our other developers look at the current status of the server. And we all have come to the same conclusion. That havoc has seen better days.  The balance of this server is so far off of anything we have been thru.  There is so much stuff added to the game that isn’t even available in game from what we can tell. Without going thru the server from start to finish and hunting for each item weapon, spell, monster there is no way for us to even being to know or understand where things are at. For someone experienced with the workings of the editor this would be a tough task. Someone that isn’t as experienced would have even a harder time.  So with all that I have come to the conclusion that it is time to face the fact that havoc isn’t going to get better.  We will be closing havoc down on the 11th of July. This should allow for everyone to be able to say their farewells.

Psychosis in all of his intentions has like many before succumbed to the fact that were all human and we all have lives outside of t4c that pull us away. I spoke to him on the phone recently and he has not been home in 3 weeks due to starting a new job. And with other issues going on he does not think he will have the time to continue working on havoc.  He has expressed his own displeasure with himself and feels he has let all of us down. Myself I would just like to thank him for all his efforts and what he has tried to do over the last year. Even at that it wasn’t an easy road to take.

 I would also like to thank Pandora Hart and Sapphire Mist for doing everything they could do to convince me otherwise.  And for all the hard work and effort they have put into havoc.

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