The 4th Coming


Happy Valentine's from Realmud

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The event is now LIVE
Event will end at 7PM EST on Friday 21st February.
We hope you all have a very pleasant Valentine's.

It is this time of year when the ancestral Cupids of Althea take to arms and try and bring two people closer...spreading love. Usually they work in secret and are invisible to all, but there is now a unique circumstance where the Cupids need your help! The Cupids spin their delicate magic with their reagents of valentine, their bow and quivers. The arrows are completely harmless, they generate a "spark" of attraction between two people that in time has the potential to grow. These reagents are powered by magical gemstones but now the Cherubs of Hatred have succeeded in their century long plan to stop the Cupid's work... they have stolen the supply of gemstones! It is up to you now to retrieve these stones. There are 3 types in existence, you must locate them all in vast numbers to help the Cupid's restore their order. If the Cupid's think you have acquired enough they will reward you greatly for your effort and perhaps they will give you some much needed advice!

The event will start on Friday 14th February at 09AM EST.
It will end on Friday 21st February at 7PM EST.
No PK/ROB on event locations.
(Pay attention to the NPC dialogue for information).
Last Modified: 14 February 2014 09:24
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