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Happy Thanksgiving from Realmud

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Event to close at 10PM EST (Server time) on 12/1/2013.
If you have food left, you may exchange them for tickets from temple NPCs.
You have exactly one week to exchange tickets for prizes from the staff.

We’d like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and as such, we hope you’ll join us for a Thanksgiving feast! For those of you who don’t know, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, organized in 1863 to commemorate the 1621 celebration and feast at the Plymouth Plantation, where the original settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season. Thanksgiving is a time of expressing thanks for all of the things in our lives with meaning to us.

In honor of the holiday, Realmud will be having a Thanksgiving feast of our own, using the traditional foods of turkey, cranberries, turnip greens, sweet potatoes and a very tasty pumpkin pie! However, while we were planning our fabulous feast, all of our food supplies were stolen! The culprits have left us with nothing… we need your help! 

We’ve managed to track down the thieves and discover their hideouts; they are concealed within dungeons and caves throughout Althea. We need you to help retrieve the food supplies for our upcoming feast, so we may continue on with our celebrations.

The event will begin on Thursday, November 28thand it will run until the evening of Sunday, December 1st.

There will be access portals in the temples (LH, SSK, SH, AL) that will transport you to the dungeons and caves. The portals are level dependent, meaning you have to be within the level ranges for them to work.

Inside the dungeons/caves are 5 sets of monsters (the thieves) and each drop a different menu item.

The menu consists of: turkey, cranberries, turnip greens, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Once you have collected one of each, you may trade them for a ‘Meal Ticket’ from the NPC Wado Gvlieliga. You can collect as many meal tickets as you’d like, the more meal tickets you acquire the greater the reward. You then turn in the meal tickets to the staff to receive your rewards.

Rewards are given for 5, 20, 50, 100 and 150 meal tickets, 150 being the greatest reward possible.

Prize table:

 # of Meal Tickets
Item to Choose from
 5 Any single 4th isle dust or book, red spellbook, Flask of Crystal Water, Flask of Goblin Blood, Sword of Fury, Human Foot, Jade Ring of Sorcery, Bloodstone Ring, Spider Venom, Silver Spoon of the Prophet.
 20 Any single piece of Azure, FDP, Ancient Platemail, Forging Stone, Star Dust, Diamond Ring of Engagement, Silver Ring of Engagement, Gold Ring of Engagement, Mithril Bar, Emerald Power Focus, Diamond Power Focus, Ruby Power Focus, Sapphire Power Focus.
 50 Any single piece of Divine Azure, Fallen Elven, Titanium, Dragon Armor, Hero's Amulet, Crystal Sword of Might, Cloak of Armageddon, Deftness Ring, Deftness Bracer, Deftness Amulet, Ring of Sagacity.
 100 Enhanced Good Wings or Enhanced Evil Wings (based on your alignment), Tears of the Dragon, Platinum Fang, Chipped Azure Ring, Ipe Composite Bow, Absolute Zero, Hell Sentence, Sky Breaker.
 150 Soul of Flare, Wizard's Bane, Cloak of the Midnight Mists, Cloak of the Ages, Mantle of Infinite Blessings, All With Honor Shield, Bracers of the Barbarian, Midnight Shroud.
A 3x Seraph Character!

Note: The foods are trade-able, but meal tickets are not. The prizes in exchange for tickets must be given to the character holding them.
Note: The items in bold under 150 are non drop, trade or chest.

We wish you luck in hunting down the stolen food!

Note: PK/ROB is not permitted on event locations. Anyone caught will be removed from the event and jailed.
Last Modified: 01 December 2013 20:32
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