The 4th Coming

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Happy Howl-oween!

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Hearken ye, mortals, as the leaves begin to change.
The Great Wheel turns to mark the way for something strange.
The air grows cooler and the nights grow dimmer.
The veil that sits between the worlds grows ever thinner.

The time has come for the dead to walk again!
The soulless corpses that discern no foe from friend.
So gather thy arms and sharpen thine swords!
Study thine spells and strengthen thy wards!
Don thine armor and prepare to make thy stands,
As the Armies of the Dead come lay waste to thine lands!

Come join us as Realmud celebrates The Festival of the Dead!
Saturday, October 29th - Sunday, November 6th

Special event!
Special prizes!
Webshop exclusives!
Coupon code!
and much more...

Don't ask for more details, we've nothing else to tell.
Just come check it out for yourself!
See you on the other side... Muah  hahahaha!

Webshop Coupon Code:
Promotion Ended 11/8/2016

Coupons not valid for purchasing VIP time or T4CGold. Coupons are not retroactive and only apply during the announced times. Coupons entered after the end of the event will not be honored. Requests to extend coupons, apply them to VIP or T4CGold, or to apply them to past purchases will not be honored. T4C Administration reserves the the right to deny coupon requests or cancel this promotion at any time for any reason or no reason.

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