The 4th Coming


Happy! Holidays from Saga Staff

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Patch notes:

First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

For the state of saga several of us have been working hard on new and exciting things to come. If you have noticed some images have changed. First of all the VIP sections are closed now unless you have the VIP key which is gotten in New area’s are being added to the VIP sections and they will keep growing as with everything else. Next the web shop store is having a 25% off sale for the Holidays. As for Saga a lot of changes are in store for the near future we have pumpkin head who has spent long hrs altering map files and we have lots of plans. I will keep you all informed as things come to being finished and ready to launch. One of our first changes is a new island that will locate NPC’s into one area and also bringing seraph npc’s to show off wings. Also in Iceland and rin desert I have cleaned up those islands so they aren’t so cluttered. We have several new area’s that are on their way in the close near future.




Last Modified: 23 December 2014 13:16
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