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Happy Halloween from Realmud

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It’s that time again little creatures! We’d like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain or whatever else you may call it! The staff and I will be around throughout this Halloween weekend offering various events and activities that will surely creep, frighten and entertain you… and of course, give you the chance to win some fabulous prizes! 

We’ll be around Friday, Saturday and Sunday offering activities for you to embark on for a chance to win something spectacular! My ‘major’ event will be taking place Friday 31 October at approximately 4PM EST (server time) and I hope to have a great turnout. The staff and I will be available to hold other events and activities a few times each day, dependent upon player numbers (so get logging!).

You’ll be able to partake in any/all events throughout the weekend, making it possible for you to catch others if you miss one (excluding the major of course).

Though note: there will be only one ‘major’ class event Friday at 4PM EST so it would be in your best interest to participate in that if you desire one of those items, and there will be only 3 winners so be sure to give it your all!

There will be other great prizes throughout the weekend, including player’s choice of in-game items, GM items, etc. The staff will announce their prizes to be won at the start of each event.

You'll also notice player death will be changed throughout the weekend, adopting a more Halloween styled theme!

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