The 4th Coming


Happy Halloween Realmud!

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The twelve brothers of Silversky have an eternal vendetta against the king and they wish to bring him to the grave by any means possible. But as so many lives have aided the king and the immutable hatred that has been fired by the ages, the lands of Althea will be there as they seek a foothold in the dominion of the halls of the dead, gathering their army, lest a new wave of death washes over the lands and eradicates the People who have stood strong to defend it.

Will you take up arms to keep your home safe?  

The king wishes to live a life where he is not tormented and has promised riches to any who uphold the kings safety. So come and save that which you call your own!

The event is now live! Find portals in the town temples to begin your journey!
Special thanks to Orion DGM and Darkness DGM for organizing this event!
~Shinigami HGM
Last Modified: 31 October 2015 14:31
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