The 4th Coming


Happy Easter from Realmud

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*Revised dates due to outages*
Event to start on Monday 21st April at 1PM EST

Event to close on 28th April at 7PM EST.

The Lepucians are an ancient and noble race, they reside outside amongst mighty fields of grass and hills and they're famous for their craftsmanship. Eons ago they were tasked as being the regents of Easter, for their mighty skills. They construct the Easter eggs you see around Althea, both beautiful and delicious. Unfortunately this years supply have been stolen by the wretched mountain trolls that reside on the perimeter of their land! You see... these trolls live off of horrendous substances for dietary needs, so when they sampled some of the Easter eggs (that are exploding with flavor) they began a mad craving, that lead into a dark obsession!

We need you to help retrieve the Easter eggs, though as the Lepucians home land is of a far differing atmosphere than your own, you will need to be transformed into an honorary Lepucian to exist in such a dense place. You will also be unable to leave by your own abilities, only a regent of Easter may assist you in exiting their land.

You should seek out a regent of Easter in the town temples of Althea, High Cleric Ruwabo, as he will instruct you further in your transformation... if you so decide to help us all!

Note 1: NO PK/Rob on event locations - you will be punished and removed from the event.
Note 2: Pay Attention to NPC dialogue for information.

We hope you enjoy this years Easter event!

Last Modified: 20 April 2014 22:18
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