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Happy Easter From Havoc

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Good Afternoon.
First of all, Double XP will be on this weekend.

Also, there will be pouches of good hidden throughout AR, RD, and SH... This is partially to make up for the loss of these when name was changed. We have no way to know what or how many who had. This will give plenty of opportunity to build your stock back up.

Starting Mon thru Thurs, there is a new item for you to find and collect. Collect them. You will want them later. :-)
You will know them when you see them.

Hoping to have different smaller events throughout the week also. Will do it weekend of and week after Easter since many people may not be around much for the weekend.

Hope to see you all this weekend. 

PS. Don't forget the Scavenger Hunt that is going on. There is a late entry fee if anyone still wants to join. I will be taking up items until Monday. The next list will be posted Tuesday April 22, 2014.
Last Modified: 18 April 2014 16:46
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