The 4th Coming

31 December 2018 21:17 4 Comments

Happy New Year and strange tidings...

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The Dialsoft T4C Family would like to wish everyone out there a happy, safe, prosperous New Year!
We hope that 2019 brings you nothing but joy!

We invite you to celebrate the New Year with us on Realmud! 
Be sure to check out the WebShop Exclusives that will be sppearing and disappearing throughout the duration of the event!

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Use the following code for 35% off of your Webshop purchases!

Coupons not valid for purchasing VIP time or T4CGold. Coupons are not retroactive and only apply during the announced times. Coupons entered after the end of the event will not be honored. Requests to extend coupons, apply them to VIP or T4CGold, or to apply them to past purchases will not be honored. T4C Administration reserves the right to deny coupon requests or cancel this promotion at any time for any reason or no reason. This promotion is scheduled to end January 14, 2019

The Wisdom of Madame Zusanna
The wind whispers through the falling leaves on this cool New Year's night. The crunching sound of carriage wheels upon the gravel road can be heard over the creature calls that fill the otherwise quiet night air. Just outside of the quaint town of Lighthaven, the carriage comes to a halt. The door creeks open and a bent old woman in layered skirts steps out onto the soft moist ground. Her stringy white hair dances in the breeze as she shuffles to the water’s edge, bends to dip her fingers in the slow-moving river, and then brings them to her lips to taste.

A voice calls from the carriage, "Madame Zusanna, are you sure this is the right place?”

The old crone lifts her head to the winds as they begin to pick up speed. The trailings of her skirt whip around her legs as she turns her blind eyes, white as fallen snow, to the direction of the voice.
"I am certain of it.” She says, her voice rough and dry. "This is the place where the veil shall break. This is the place from which darkness will enter the land and spread across Althea. This is the place where heroes will gather to drive the darkness back to the abyss...”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Humans and Seraphs of all ages!
The old Gypsy Crone has told of a dark time ahead, and it's up to the Heros of Althea to bring an end to this Darkness!
Seek out Madame Zusanna and her son Kandeli at the south bridge of Lighthaven!
Learn what you can learn.
See what you can see.
Fight to protect our lands from the coming darkness!
This Event is unlike any we've seen on Realmud. Not only will you each be tested, but you all will be tested as a whole.
At some point during the event's quest, you will receive Shinigami's Black Book, an ancient artifact that will track the progress the entire realm has made in the event. 
Your task is not done when you have simply individually completed the quest. 
Oh no...
Continue to fight the monsters that slip through the rifts in the veil. 
If... and I say IF the realm is able to complete the event at 100% by the time the event closes on January 27th, then everyone who participated and completed the event will be entered into a drawing to win some very rare prizes... Some of these prizes include, but are not limited to, 4x seraph characters that have been long abandoned along with everything in that character's inventory and storage, unique one-of-a-kind weapons and items, and much more!

Good Luck...

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