The 4th Coming

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Halloween 2017

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We put a spell on you... and now you're mine!
You can't stop the things we do... I ain't lyin'.
If you don't believe, you'd better get superstitious,
Ask my GMs! "Oooo he's vicious!"
Your wretched little lives have all been cursed,
'cause of all the GMs working... we're the worst!
We put a spell on you... and now you're OURS!

Join us, Altheans! Join us for an All Hallows like none you've ever seen before!
Trick or Treat your way around Althea!
Webshop Exclusives!
Special Staff Events!
Champion of Death Human PvP Event! (to be announced soon...)
A chance to win your very own custom item!
And more! Much much more!

Stay tuned, boys and ghouls.... you won't want to miss what's coming next... 

Realmud All Hallows Event:
Tuesday, October 24th - Sunday, November 5th

Webshop Coupon Code:   WinifredSanderson   25% off!

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