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Hello all. As of now you can find guild chests near any storage chest, meaning you do not require a guild house to access the chests!

There are also additions to the houses, such as:

-NPC auctioneer for convenience.
-NPC merchant trades for buying various goods.
-NPC portal master to provide portals to locations near points of interest.
-NPC interaction regent where you can exchange your points from the arena & role play systems.
-Added doors to all houses.

1. Auctioneer still requires VIP key to access.
2. Portals will require you to have the appropriate levels and island access quests completed.

3. Interaction regent items are custom for guilds only.

If you have any ideas of things you'd like to see in guild houses, email me them at
Last Modified: 06 March 2014 18:39
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