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Farewell Realmud

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To my fellow Realmudders, I’ve been pondering this for the past couple of weeks and believe me when I say it’s been an absolute honour and a pleasure to be your HGM (and GM) over the previous 8 years. I’ve learned a great deal and met some outstanding people, both players and staff alike. You’ve made the experience truly memorable and worthwhile and I’ll forever cherish those moments. The time has come in my life where I feel I must concentrate further on other aspects and focus my energy upon more real-life duties. Also; in truth, I don’t particularly agree with some new decisions to come and I do feel now new-blood is needed and I’m positive Shinigami will do just that. In my last official task I will assign Shini with finishing where I’ve left off, he’s highly capable. I’m sure he’ll bring in some freshness to Realmud.

To conclude, it’s been a great pleasure RM and I’ll miss you guys! I’ll pop on occasionally to have a peek – and feel free to keep in touch via my gmail <>.

Wishing you all the best,


Realmud HGM

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