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Easter on Realmud!

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Greetings Realmud!
Come join us as we paint Easter Eggs... eat lots of candy... hide Easter Eggs... take over the world... XP until our little bunny tails fall off!

That's right, Realmudders! We're going to be celebrating this hoppy holiday with

Starting Friday, April 14th through Monday, April 17th Realmud will be turning up the XP

But Shini, why would I need all of this extra XP?

I'm glad you asked... have you ever been playing a game and then all of a sudden the game auto-saves and there's a bunch of medpacks or health potions laying around and you just know that you're about to get your ass handed to you?

This is no different...

You might need those extra levels for the PvP Event that may or may not be announced soon... stay tuned! You won't want to miss this! ;)

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