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Draconis Sanctum available December 15th on Neerya

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Draconis Sanctum
The Neerya's team, made of volonteers working for their community since 3 years is proud to introduce you....

(This video is available in HD)

... The Draconis Sanctum, which is released at 15th December !

For this event, which takes place while the 3rd server's birthday, someoffers will be available from the 8th to the 27th December :  :

  • A "draconic" pet as a gift for any first reborn bought (warrior, wizard or archer). The price is also set down to 750 TO.
  • Reroll 2nd reborn's price is changed to 200 TO.
  • Instead of 700 TO, the RST is sold at 300 TO
  • A lot of people were wainting for this point, old high level characters will have the ability of a FREE 50 points' reroll ! "Méditation" will also be removed and all the archery, attack and dodge's points reset.

Roleplay animations will take place to introduce the Draconis Sanctum release, don't forget it ! One last news, Cetrix -ex game supervisor and in charge of the game concept - comes back home. See ? You can't leave Neerya, it's for life ! [;)]

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T4C Neerya's team
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