The 4th Coming


Do you wanna kill a snowman? Event!!!!!?

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Hey Realmudders, The Realmud Staff is proud to present a Snowball event for the holidays.

Learn how to make snowballs to take out snowman and more with while they fight with you just the same. 
Upgrade your snowball for more damage and better kills.
Collect coins and other items to get better gear increasing the damage on your snowballs and allowing you to win the battles faster.
The more kills you get the more prize keys you get and the better you kill, well you know how it goes.

This event starts on December 20th and Goes till January the 12TH.

So make sure to log on and enjoy the fun we can't wait to see you.
Mouse And The Staff of Realmud.
Last Modified: 19 December 2022 01:58
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