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Greetings Altheans!

We at Dialsoft are looking for a few creative minds to help us breathe a little bit of new life into this old game that we all know and love!

If you are interested, please email and let me know about your experience with T4C!

No prior programming or development experience necessary! All you need is a love of the game and a willingness to learn!

Serious inquiries only, please.
Some experience with any form of coding preferred (HTML, PHP, SQL, C++, etc..) but not necessary.
Only players with at least a few years experience playing T4C will be considered.
We prefer players with a working knowledge of the original Vircom content as well as the original storyline.

Send all inquiries to -- Comments posted here will not be considered, and in fact will be a mark in the "does not follow instructions" box of your dossier. ;)

~Shinigami HGM
Last Modified: 01 May 2018 18:16
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