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AR Crafting News

  AR Crafting News

Hello, I know a few of you have been waitin

g for a crafting release for quite some time. Let me assure you this is on track for the release on November 30th! This is just AR’s version and I have claimed that each additional isle would take roughly a week after release, this might be an inaccurate assumption. We are pushing to have Crafting through SH released by no later than December 31st. It will take us some time to implement this on a massive scale and trust me it’s massive! Lets talk about AR first:

On AR you will notice some changes. We eliminated ALL of the recipes put in a year ago and started from scratch. When we adjusted the formula’s for recipes currently in game, it caused a major issue with players crashing. Since going back and making the formula’s the same as they was, wasn't a solution we scrapped the entire Crafting Process and started over. When next patch is updated they will disappear from your Occupations, but you will keep any points you collected to date. Whats this mean to you? Simply that everyone will have to learn the new recipes on the release.

First thing you will notice is that recipes are easier to do & cheaper! We simplified the process some, but in addition to this we added a slew of recipes. My final count isn’t complete at this time, but its safe to say AR will have 400+ recipes alone.

Second thing you will notice is how the crafting system works. Half the items will have to be farmed through nodes (mines/trees/plants) while the other half is random drops through the pouch system. Both will give a small amount of xp/gold based on your’s/it’s level. Nodes is by your level, pouches are based on isle level. Before anyone has the bright idea to hold pouches to level up mules, let me warn you that depending on what pouches they are, you will be losing massive amounts of XP by doing this. For example: AR Pouch to level up a mule from 1-25, you will need 4,269 pouches and would lose 2.1 Million in XP. This increases greatly each island you go up. I will post a chart showing XP Exchange Rates for the Crafting System after we release AR’s Crafting.

Why so many recipes? Well we did this for a couple reasons i’ll explain here. First we wanted a variety of things for players to do and builds to play around with. Secondly we wanted to assure players focused only on one target at a time. You will have to trade/steal/buy items so you can complete your specific build creating an economy which is something lacking on Havoc. We also wanted a detailed list of things to do to prevent boredom & introduce a complex build system so you can truly customize any type of toon you so choose. For example, Crafted Leather Armor, along with many others can be tailored to a specific class: Pyro Leather, Hydro Leather, etc. you get the point. These Armor’s will give a small boost towards the class your building.

In addition to our release, we have built a chart system that we will put up at showing recipe & items needed to create your crafted piece. We dont want you to be uninformed on the changes we are implementing. So please stop by and register on the website, this will allow you to comment on posted in our Forum & Updates sections. We are currently working on files showing all equipment in game including original & Havoc add-on’s.
Last Modified: 28 November 2013 07:24
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