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Champion of the Rumble Hosted by Virtus GM 06 August 2019 16:36 8 Comments

Champion of the Rumble

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Realmud would like to invite you all to a character building/PvP event called "Champion of the Rumble"! Come and bring your best!


This event will require anyone who wishes to become "Rumble Champion" to create a new character (human only!). The new character needs to be called [PlayerName] + PvP so for me it would be "Virtus GM PvP". You will then have to build a strong PvP character using any weapons/spells/classes/Items. You have until Saturday 31st at 7PM EST to build your character to level 50 to qualify, please note any characters below or above this level will not qualify (to confirm only human characters will be valid, please do not Seraph). Your character entry will need to be available for the event conclusion date on the 31st at 7PM EST to enter the Rumble.


Once you qualify the objective will then be for the entries to step through a portal into the Rumble Pit and once everyone has assembled in the event area a mass fight or "Rumble" will commence at my command. The winner of the event is the last person standing in the event area alive. Once you die you are out, but please note that you will still recieve a prize for qualifying.


The Prizes: ALL players who submit a qualifying level 50 character will be given a Gold Prize Key on their main character, named in the PvP name (one submission per player please). Then the winner (last person alive) will be given a Platinum Prize key, and the title of "Rumble Champion" awarded to their main character.


I look forward to seeing your entries and hope you bring the pain in the Rumble pit!

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