The 4th Coming

30 July 2019 17:01 2 Comments

Bacon, Bacon!!!, BACON!!!!!!

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On the 3rd of August Virtus plan's to run a mini event named the Bacon run. This event will see portals appear at all the major temples across the land of Althea, as you step through you are teleported to an event area where you will gather with other players and disarm yourselves (This is a no PvP/PK/Spells event). Once ready to start the pig will be released and you will need to catch the pig. To catch the pig simply track them down in the event area and give them a punch/tag bare knuckle! First to do this wins a Prize Key and then the round resets and we find our way back to the beginning point for the next round.


Hope to see you all there, Should start roughly around 7pm EST.


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