The 4th Coming



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Abomination has been reimagined and will be returning to Dialsoft 14 October 2016 at 7 pm French time, 1 PM Eastern (USA) time!

Come experience T4C in ways you never have before with 40 new mini-bosses scattered around Arakas, Raven’s Dust, Stonheim, and the Oracle Realm! New noob-friendly items, battle mage weapons, and new PvP air spells await you! With 2 max remorts, Abomination is designed for hardcore players who thrive on proving they are the best, most battle-hardened bad asses in Althea!

New features will also include:

  •  Armlet of Flames is now a Physical effect
  •  HP and MP is recalculated on each level-up; no more high-endurance noobs!
  •  Island access quest drops have been adjusted
  •  Gluriurl’s regen has been lowered
  •  The loot table for many of the monsters has been rebuilt
  •  XP items will be available via collectors quests on each island and Oracle Zone
  •  No Pay-2-Win on the WebShop; win with skills, not bills
  •  The Oracle Realm has been reimagined and redesigned
  •  Marksh P’tangh has been removed; new ways to obtain Ancient drops have been added
  •  New robes for all elements
  •  There is no Auction House
  •  Time to log off is now 20 seconds
  •  Sanctuary Spell is not available; don’t hide, fight!
  • No PVP  range!

Server Settings:


  • 35% equipped items
  • 75% Backpack items
  • 50% gold
  • 5% xp


  • 5% equipped items
  • 50% backpack items

35% gold
5% xp

Do you feel worthy, punk?

Last Modified: 23 September 2016 08:49
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