The 4th Coming

24 December 2016 21:00 1 Comments

A Very Realmud Christmas!

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Greetings Realmudders!
The harbinger is back and ready to finish the job he started on Halloween, but the Oracle will not let that happen, he is requisitioning the players to stop this threat and push him back!
Join us on Realmud as we fight to stop the Harbinger's plot to use the power of this magical time of year to impose his will!

The Realmud Christmas Event will run from December 25th (around 8am Server Time) until Sunday January 1st.

Do you feel worthy, punk?

Webshop Coupon Code:

(25% Discount!)
Coupons not valid for purchasing VIP time or T4CGold. Coupons are not retroactive and only apply during the announced times. Coupons entered after the end of the event will not be honored. Requests to extend coupons, apply them to VIP or T4CGold, or to apply them to past purchases will not be honored. T4C Administration reserves the  the right to deny coupon requests or cancel this promotion at any time for any reason or no reason.

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