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A Meeting of the Minds

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Greetings Realmudders!

Dialsoft T4C Realmud Administration will be hosting an interesting event soon!

Mouse (Director of T4C Operations), Shinigami HGM ( Realmud Server Administrator) and Darkness DGM ( Realmud Lead Developer) will be present on a private chatroom discussing Realmud plans and progress, and we are inviting Realmud's Guild Leaders to sit in, listen, and express your comments, concerns, and complaints.
This is the players' chance to have your voices heard!
Depending on how well this goes, we are planning on scheduling sessions like this once a month, every month.

This meeting will be by invitation only, and will be open only to Realmud Guild Leaders. This means, to receive an invitation, you must be the Founder of an active Realmud guild. If for whatever reason, the Founder will not be available, an appointed guild Head Leader (HL) can sit in the founder's place, but only one representative per guild will be permitted.

As this is an Invitation-Only event, you must RSVP to reserve your spot and to receive your personal link to the chatroom. Links will only work one time and cannot be shared.

You can RSVP by submitting a Realmud Problem report at with the subject "Meeting of the Minds".

Time and date has been confirmed for tomorrow, Sunday March 19th at 6:00pm Server Time (EDT)
Invitations will be sent out later tonight to those who have sent in a request.
See you there!

Last Modified: 18 March 2017 15:42
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