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Havoc specific news

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Havoc Current Staff and Intentions

Good morning. Just dropping in to let people know where Havoc is since I have seen it recently brought up. First I will start with current staff. Pandora Hart HGM - HGM (Previously Tempest at Trilogy for anyone interested.) Psychosis DGM - Lead Dev for…
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Crafting update

AR Crafting News Hello, I know a few of you have been waitin g for a crafting release for quite some time. Let me assure you this is on track for the release on November 30th! This is just AR's version and I have claimed that each additional isle…
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Updates & Notes

Development notes & updates regarding migration tools. For information regarding the offline mule & VIP/WSGold migration, read here!
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Character Migration Wizard

Ready to get back in the game? Getting started with the new T4C Portal makes things easy by providing a character migration wizard help the process along, and assure the integrity of your game data!
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Quick server status update!

Hail All! We are optimistic that we will be launching the official site, along with putting the servers back live by this evening (CST). We are in the last stages of the bug repairs & network updates. Stay tuned for more news later today!
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Server Downtime

Good evening everyone, I know I am not giving much warning. But here we go. Around 9am est on 8-11-13 All Dialsoft servers will be brought offline. Including At this time we will be transitioning the servers to the new networks. When they come…
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