The 4th Coming




Mercenary Leader

At Lighthaven fountain search for an NPC called Vincent Swiftblade. Talk to him and he will say that he needs a group of heroes to make a coordinated assault on three different camps. Say "Olin Haad", "Tarnian Wolfmane", "Yes", "Details" and he will give you more details of your task.

Head to the Lighthaven west bridge. Go through and then head north. You will end up at their 1st camp. It's easy to locate the camps, just search for the catapults. Kill 15 Mercenaries until the Mercenary Lieutenant spawns. Kill him and move to the next camp. The 2nd camp is located just northeast of the 1st camp. Kill again 15 Mercenaries and then kill the Mercenary Lieutenant. Head east and follow the path until you reach the 3rd camp. Once again kill 15 Mercenaries in order to spawn the Mercenary Lieutenant. Kill him and you will get the following message:

As the mercenary lieutenant falls lifeless, you hear a loud war call from the northern camp.

Follow the path east (turns west) until it ends. Continue walking west and you will end up at some abandoned houses. Find Mercenary Leader and kill him. Head back to Vincent Swiftblade.

Talk to him saying "Reward" and you will be rewarded with 750*lvl exp points and 500 gold pieces.

Note #1: You can do this quest as many times as you want.
Note #2: You must be at least level 8 to begin this quest.

NPCs involved: Vincent Swiftblade
Mini-Bosses involved: Mercenary Lieutenant, Mercenary Leader
Quest Reward Synopsis: 750*lvl exp points, 500 gold pieces




Tome of Arcane Knowledge

Go to the Great Library (east from Raven Dust crypt entrance) and speak with Filandrius. Say "Foreign magic", "Need", "Filnar'thir", "Darkness", "Get it" and he will send you to kill Anthor the Mad and get the Tome of Arcane Knowledge.

Go to Stoneheim and find Anthor the Mad (located northeast from spider cave entrance). Kill him and you will receive the Tome of Arcane Knowledge.

Return to Filandrius, click on him and he will take the Tome of Knowledge. He will reward you with a Belt of Unstable Protection and a Gem of Unstable protection. You can also learn from him new spells.

NPCs involved: Filandrius
Mini-Bosses involved: Anthor the Mad
Quest Reward Synopsis: Belt of Unstable Protection and Gem of Unstable protection (0 reqs), can now learn the new spells.



The Harvesters of Life

The Harvesters of Life quest consists on Killing the 3 harvesters of Life located one in each island.

Head to Windhowl and talk to the Windhowl Sentry (located at Windhowl gates). Say "Help" and he will tell you that behind the Windhowl gates, lies Hel, Arakas' Harvester of Life. Search for her (it's a non seraph NPC) and click on her until she becomes an evil seraph NPC. Kill her and you will receive the Hel's Soulstone. Return to Windhowl Sentry and say "Reward" to him. You will receive 100*level experience points and 500*level gold pieces.

Then head to Filandrius (located at the Great Library). He will recognize the Hel's Soulstone and he will mention that it's interesting. Say "Interesting", "Countless riches", "Soulstones", "Names" and he will give you the names of the three guardians. The are called Jormungand, Hel and Fenrir. He will also mention that once you have found the three soulstones head to Centaur Village and find a portal.

Now head to Zhakar's Tower. Go west and pass over the Stonehenge. Follow the mountain line and turn east at the first mountain opening. Continue east and you will find Jormungand, Raven's Dust's Harvester of Life. Jormungand looks like an evil seraph. Kill him and you will receive the Jormungand's Soulstone.

Travel to Stoneheim and take the path from Stonecrest to Mordenthal's Castle. Follow the path until you reach the mountains. Then go west to the shore. Continue north and you will find Fenrir, the Stoneheim Harvester of Life. He also looks like an evil seraph. Kill him and you will receive Fenrir's Soulstone.

Now, as Filandrius said, head to Centaur Village. Pass the castle and head east (the way to centaur cave). As soon as you reach a small lake head south. You will end up at the portal. The portal will take the three soulstones, mix them and you will be teleported beside the Harvester of Life (in a black walking screen). Kill him and you will get the Crystal of Providence.

Return to Filandrius and say "Burden". Filandrius will take the Crystal of Providence and you will be rewarded with the Bracer and the Gem of the Immortals.

Note: You must be at least 50 level in order to start this quest.
Note #2: Windhowl Sentry reward can only be obtained once per reborn.

NPCs involved: Filandrius, Windhowl Sentry
Mini-Bosses involved: Jormungand, Hel, Fenrir, Harvester of Life
Quest Reward Synopsis: 100*level experience points, 500*level gold pieces, Bracer of the Immortals and Gem of the Immortals (0 reqs)



Plane Walking Quest (Seraph Quest)

You will notice that in all towns (and not only) there are portals. You can access them only if you are a Seraph. The portals are located in Lighthaven, Windhowl, Arakas Druids, Silversky, Raven Dust Oasis, Raven Dust Library, Stonecrest and Stoneheim Centaurs. Approach a portal and click on it. Say "Creations", "Stop", "Yes". You step through the portal and appear somewhere else. You have around 30-60 seconds to kill Doppelganger. Enter all 8 portals and kill the Doppelgangers. You cannot go back into a portal you have beaten until you finish all eight. Complete it and you will have access to Plane Walking (which means you can access the portals and travel to destinations at any time you want). This map shows which portal travels you where.

Note: The easiest way to kill Doppelgangers, even for mages, is with weapons. You can also activate your Armlet of Flames and your offensive shields. Spells, unless you're level 150+, will do nothing to him.

=== This quest is not available on Realmud. Check the Realmud section for the proper planeswalking quest. ===

Mini-Bosses involved:Doppelganger
Quest Reward Synopsis:Plane Walking (No more buying scrolls to LH, WH, SS etc)



Obsidian Conclave (Seraph Quest)

Near Stonecrest fountain, you will find a NPC called Tristan. Talk to him and say "Yes", "Yes", "Recently", "Digging" and you will hear a story about two men digging the ground with shovels. They found a corpse of a Seraph and head east with their caravan.

Go east and follow the path that is heading to spiders. Just before you see spiders you will see a small camp with Obsidian Conclave Knights. Attack and kill about 10 of them until their commander spawns. Kill Commander Mordred and you will find a small iron key. With the key, open the chest that is located near the camp. You will find the Celestial Plate.

NPCs involved: Tristan
Mini-Bosses involved: Commander Mordred
Quest Reward Synopsis: Ancient Celestial Plate (Reqs: 100 End, 30 Str, 30 Agi, 30 Int, 30 Wis, Seraph)