The 4th Coming


Code of Conduct

The Saga Staff would like to welcome all the new players to T4C Saga. We are glad you have chosen Saga as your T4C home. We at Saga have been working hard to build our community and to give the best T4C experience possible to all players. With that in mind, we have put some rules in place and want to make sure everyone is fully aware of them.
  • 1. We do not Support Sharing or Trading of Accounts.
  • 2. If you decide to do so, you do so at your own risk and we will not assist you should you lose your account due to your own misjudgement.
  • 3. You are 100% responsible for all actions that are performed on your account. We do not care who did it, the account will be held responsible for any wrong-doings along with the IP address it was used from.
  • 4. PVP is allowed and often encouraged.
  • 5. It is a hard life, and the Saga Staff respects our community enough to allow it to police itself.
  • 6. However, anarchy is a failed social model, so we have some rules.
  • 7. You shall not go out of your way to kill NEW members or Old Members of our server. Excessive killing of other Players New or Old for your own Enjoyment or personal vendetta will not be Tolerated.
  • 8. Saga staff will determine what will be considered Excessive. The Saga Staff will always have the final say in this matter.
  • 9. The Saga Staff always have the final say in this matter.
  • 10. Saga is NOT an Aggressive PVP Server.
  • 11. Cheating of any kind will not be Tolerated.
  • 12. The Saga staff will make the final decision as to what can be considered cheating. Cheaters will be punished accordingly.
  • 13. Do not abuse any Game bugs. Game Bugs are extremely fragile and do not like to be abused. If you are caught abusing Game bugs in game or talking about bugs we will lock your account out.
  • 14. A Game bug will be defined as: Any action caused by a player, either intentionally or accidentally, that gives an unfair advantage to that player or creates an unfair disadvantage to any other player, which was not intended by the original game designers Vircom or by the Dialsoft or Saga development Staff.
  • 15. As always, Harassment that goes beyond believable character roles will not be tolerated and also verbal harassment of any type, including racial, sexual, explicit swearing or offensive nature in any language or slang will not be tolerated. (e.g. derogatory statements, slurs, and offensive comments or jokes, intimidation, demeaning comments, or to degrade the self-worth or dignity of a individual or Players.
  • 16. Harassment, as well as offensive, degrading and inappropriate remarks Towards age, race, sex, religion, national origin, disabilities, marital status, sexual orientation.
  • 17. The punishments shall range from a short reprieve of the player’s shouts to a determined amount of time.
  • 18. Removal of the Players Shouts will also be based on the gravity of the situation, history of infringements by the player, and the staff member’s discretion.
  • 19. Masking, as in the use of symbols to replace letters, is also frowned upon. Shouting (all caps) and spamming (constantly typing in a channel so as to block it) are not very well viewed either, and will be punished.
  • 20. Saga staff has final say in punishments.
  • 21. If you feel you were wrongly punished please fill out  a support and will will review it.
  • 22. Posting on forums/Facebook or Sending harassing messages to the gm in question will only further your punishment.
  • 23. If you are not satisfied with the response you are always welcome to email
Thank you for your understanding
Saga Staff