The 4th Coming

Come see all the events starting Sat 4 pm Est and Sunday all day. Wolv HGM
Easter Events
Do you have what it takes to become a noble Lepucian? To battle great beasts and retrieve the stolen items? Realmud needs you!
Some things that have been updated this week.
Good morning. Just dropping in to let people know where Havoc is since I have seen it recently brought up. First I will start with current staff. Pandora Hart HGM - HGM (Previously Tempest at Trilogy for anyone interested.) Psychosis DGM - Lead Dev for Havoc / Events on occasion Sapphire Mist GM - GM, Events Darth Vaper GM - GM, Dev Work (Previously…
As a special thank you to those of you who has stuck with us thru all of the warps and crashes we have seen in the last month I wish to issue you a special thank you. Now thru April 5th we will be running a 25% off coupon on the WebShop. And will have a discounted price on VIP time.
Changes to guild chests and additions to guild houses!
We will be performing maintenance on the server machine on Wednesday March 5, 2014 at 800 am est. At this time we will bring all servers offline for approximately 2 hours. We will update this post if this changes.
Double XP has now been turned on, we hope you enjoy the weekend!
The crashes/warps previously affecting Realmud should now be fixed as of this morning. If you experience any please remember to report them to stating the time of crash and if the website is also down.