The 4th Coming

Saga Holiday's announcements
Everyone at Dialsoft would like to wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Everyone be safe and have a good time. Happy Hunting, As a special Christmas Gift to everyone we will be running a Vip sale from now until the 5th of January.
A dark force has been stealing Christmas magic and used it to create foul abominations of snow and ice. You are tasked to help the brotherhood of Noel stop this unknown and sinister enemy and save Christmas! Should you succeed you will be rewarded greatly, should you fail... we are doomed!
We at Dialsoft would like to wish each and every one of you a happy holiday season.
We at Realmud would like to wish every player a very happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you'll join us for a spectacular Thanksgiving feast! But there is a major disturbance... The food has been stolen!
Greetings Realmers, please read the following post for an event on Sunday November 9 at 6PM EST. Where 5 lucky winners will have their choice of prizes!
The staff of Realmud would like to wish all the players a very Happy Halloween! Please find this years announcement herein, for various event happenings!
Please find and read the updated rules for the Realmud server. It is the player's responsibility to read and be aware of the server rules.
We're delighted to offer the players a Back2School discount coupon for the web shop, valid for only one week!
You can now submit ideas to the Realmud team via completing a short form containing your details.