The 4th Coming

Altheans beware... you're in for a scare! Join Realmud for our 2017 Halloween Bash!
Here's the released notes for the latest Realmud Major Update
Holiday islands open Oct 1st
Double exp live on July 4th
Are you not only fast enough but lucky enough!?
Please never share your password with anyone. Doing so can result in someone changing the information on your account. This is done at your own risk and we will not be able to assist you in recovering said account. Please also provide accurate information on your account. When you request help with a forgotten email and or password the first thing…
Please see the post here in order to get full details. This is very sad news and something that we at Dialsoft Can not stand for.
I will be bringing the servers down for maintenance on 5-2-1018 at 8am est. Expect at least a 2 hour downtime.
Bring your best, Realmud! Let there be blood!
Come join us as we celebrate Easter on Realmud! You won't find any chocolate eggs, but you might find some Double XP!