The 4th Coming

Sniff... sniff... What is that smell? Is that old cheese?
Sanitize your XP
Help flatten the curve on COVID-19. Stay home and play T4C! Double XP, Webshop Exclusives, and more!
Do you wanna kill a snow man? How about level up Equipment and Spells?
Do to the fact you the players have exceeded the threshold I set for the seraph's.
This year we bring to you a double xp Weekend. So grab your treats and come join the fun.
Mouse and I have heard your cries for the PvP server to return. We have discussed it and decided to reboot the abo server on 10/20/2019 12pm Est.
Who doesen't like fighting?
Realmud welcomes you to participate in an item hunt.
You spoke, we listened! Join us on our shiny new Discord server just for the T4C Community!