The 4th Coming

Are you ready for the newest chapter in The 4th Coming history? Are you ready for a fast-paced world of flashing blades and flying arrows? A world of powerful spells, great, glorious victories and crushing defeats? Are you worthy of such a world?
Andromeda is holding a pvp to the death match.....
Party For Labor Day
Pour clore les promotions de juillet, nous vous réservons une surprise afin de terminer en beauté ! Mercredi 27 juillet à 21h30 (fr)
Nouvelle promotion sur la boutique ! La clef d'accès aux nexus dimensionnels (île des coffres) passe de 1000 à 750 crédits !
Fin de la promotion sur la RST, obtenez à présent -25 % sur l'achat d'un séraphin de 1ère renaissance !
C'est parti pour les promos ! Profitez de -25 % sur l'achat d'une tablette runique durant les 5 prochains jours !
10 years ago Dialsoft announced the acquisition of the Full T4C product line from Vircom.
We will be taking the server offline about 730 est in order to perform some server maintenance and an upgrade to the server machine.
Hi everyone, The last update of the T4C Neerya web platform was more than three years ago, and as a result their presentation and functions have become ill-adapted. The T4C Neerya website and forums are not only places to exchange ideas within the community,..