The 4th Coming

I was just made aware of this, sorry for the short notice. Please read. This means our servers will be offline and possibly not functioning correctly for some time.
I will be bringing and all Dialsoft t4c servers down for scheduled maintenance on 1/13/2017 at 730 am est. Servers will be down a minimum of 2 hours. Greg
Merry Christmas from the Realmud crew to you!
Saga's annual Christmas event is on the way.
Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on what you're thankful for... Here's what we're thankful for on Realmud...
Dialsoft would like to remind everyone that a DDOS attack is not quite the same thing as a hack, and that no user information was compromised:
Realmud announces a special time of the year event - The festival of the dead!, Halloween!! Turn back time and gain power that has been told and retold through the ages, Special prizes, and treasures to gain along the way. This special week-long event is will give everyone time to join in and play.
Halloween islands are open.
Patch Notes for 4th Saga 10/15/2016
Are you ready for the newest chapter in The 4th Coming history? Are you ready for a fast-paced world of flashing blades and flying arrows? A world of powerful spells, great, glorious victories and crushing defeats? Are you worthy of such a world?