The 4th Coming

Grab your cameras, Realmudders! Realmud Staff is proud to present the 2013 Summer Screenshot Contest!
As Realmud works hard to bring new development to its players we bring something that all servers can use to Build and play allowing you to add your own server items and content.
We at Dialsoft are looking for a few creative minds to help us breathe a little bit of new life into this old game that we all know and love!
Sneak peak for Realmud Dual Eeapons and New Armor!.
On Monday April 2nd at 7:AM I will be taking down the servers for maintenance and an upgrade to the server version. We will be moving up to version 1.73. This will be a lengthy process and could take several hours to complete.
PVP EVENT On April 1st.
Servers will be coming down at 4am est on march 12 for maintenance.
We bring to you so much more then an event.
We are working on updating the client and would like to know this information.
Are you looking to join our staff team?