The 4th Coming

School Days, School Days, specials from us to all you days! (updated 8-28-15)
Want to Welcome all the eA people for a t4c reunion.
We have updated to include more of the original content plus server specific content into our site.
Realmud Staff wishes everyone a fun and safe 4th of July Weekend!
It's that time again, Realmudders! Grab those cameras! Realmud Staff is proud to present the 2015 Third Annual Summer Screenshot Contest!
We've been spending some time cleaning up on Realmud a bit. Here are the latest changes.
Saga Staff and Dialsoft Staff wants to wish everyone a Happy! Easter.
Happy! Spring! Starting Monday March 23 Monday Manic Madness will begin.
We are currently looking for volunteers that are fluent in some/all of the following HTML, CSS, MYSQL/MSSQL. Please send information pertaining to this to
We at Realmud would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! And as a special celebration bonus....