The 4th Coming

The Bacon Run is back again, 15/09/2019 @ 6pm Eastern!
We thank you.
Realmud would like to invite you all to a character building/PvP event called "Champion of the Rumble"! Come and bring your best!
The Bacon Run an event for all players!
Quiz Days!
Lucifer has been hard at work! Click for more info.
Will be taking servers offline on 7-7-2019 for general Server maintenance at 4am est. Please expect at least 2 hours of downtime.
Realmud is addressing a concern that players have voiced regarding the current set of rules governing PvP and PK on the 4th Island, and we want to hear from YOU!
We have been listening to your feedback and have a couple fixes to put in place while we work on future content.
Hey players, been working hard to fix a few issues brought forward and some bugs that were occurring. Found and resolved. Many iterations have followed and have been cleaned up. So please enjoy.