The 4th Coming

Server maintenance for T4C servers will be on Thursday the 3rd of June, at 830 am EST the downtime is expected to last 3 hours. There will be no changes made at this time.
we will be taking the server offline Wednesday February 19th at 8 am est, to perform a quick update to fix a couple of small issues we found with the previous update. Downtime should be less then 30 mins.
We will be bringing the servers offline on 2-15-2021 at 4am EST in order to perform Server maintenance we will also be updating to the latest client build at this time. Downtime expected to be around 4 hours.
Will be taking servers offline on 11-16-2020 for general Server maintenance at 4am est. Please expect between 2 and 4 hours of down time.
Hi everyone, we are proud to present you our new project, T4C Next, in collaboration with Dialsoft ! You can learn more on the project here and join the official Discord to make sure you don't miss anything. We hope you will enjoy it !
Sniff... sniff... What is that smell? Is that old cheese?
Sanitize your XP
Help flatten the curve on COVID-19. Stay home and play T4C! Double XP, Webshop Exclusives, and more!
Do you wanna kill a snow man? How about level up Equipment and Spells?
Do to the fact you the players have exceeded the threshold I set for the seraph's.