The 4th Coming

Realmud don't look to far the update is almost upon us.
Come join us as our Lord of War, Chacal GM, oversees a Tournament of Heros! Bring your strongest, your quickest, your deadliest... Bring them to the fires of combat and prove yourself amongst the many. There is no glory born without struggle. Do you feel worthy, punk?
T4C is stepping into a new realm of gaming by introducing RVR or Realmud Virtual Reality! Experience the world of Althea like you never imagined! Interact with NPCs with your voice instead of typing responses! New "Smart Monsters" that react to your presence depending on how much noise you are making.... Open this article to learn more about…
server will be down on 3-25 around 730 am for general Server Maintenance.
Today Realmud hosted our Harvest Event Raffle live on Twitch and gave some amazing prizes to some even more amazing players!
The Realmud Development Team has been working hard on bringing you new content! Here's part one in the series of updates coming to Realmud!
Heros of Realmud! You have successfully beaten back the Great Darkness that threatened to spread across Althea and helped the Gypsies to seal the Rips in the Veil! Now it is time to reap the rewards! Also, Realmud Development has been busy... very busy... Details within!
ON 1 /22 /2019 We will be bringing down the t4c servers in order to perform general Server Maintenance and Will be upgrading t4c's Client/server version to 1.74. Click to see more info about the 1.74 client.
Happy New Year! We've made it to the new year, but what is this eerie feeling that is creeping across the land...
Everyone At Dialsoft would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!